Kimba Listic On the Go

Kimba Listic On the Go

A poet on a mission! Completely out of the ordinary, Reality Rhymes by Kimba Listic, are nothing short of extraordinary.

Infused with spirit, Kimba Listic, intuitively creates and explosively performs mastercrafted Reality Rhymes as inspirational, hard-core reality, and hot-erotic tales, designed in kind to heal spirit, body, and mind.

Whether appearing in person, in session, or in print, Kimba Listic is tagged as the most refreshing performance artist to blaze new trails on the entertainment scene in years. These skillfully crafted works of word art satiate your senses while sharing experiential wisdom in helping to find your right frame of mind.

Amassing over 25 years gathering emperical evidence on matters related to the Tao de Ching, Quantum Physics, Meta-Physics, Hypno-Therapy, Quantum Touch, and the Creational Laws governing our Universe, Kimba Listic, received her Honorary PhD in Esoteric Studies.