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Honary PhD, Esoteric Studies

Kimba Listic was awarded her Honary PhD, Esoteric Studies from the esteemed faculty in position at Albert University in 1975. Conducting extensive and ongoing experiential studies producing conclusive findings focused mainly in the fields of quantum and meta physics, global religious influences, and healing arts, emphasising sound as everything.

A vibration emits as a wavelength whose volume/intensity determines the level of energy produced. Everything is energy. Everything you think, say, or do, is emitted out into the world as a wave continuing on until it meets up with its "like" wavelength, i.e., select 97.1 on your radio sends a wave vibrating at that speed from your auto antenna, which continues on until meeting up with the same rate of frequency being broadcast by the station.

Once a wavelength meets up with its equivalent- this is the precise moment when thought manifests into material form, In the case of the radio wave - manifestation forms as reception based on the unwavering mechanics surrounding the Electromagnetic Frequency Spectrum within the dynamics in force relative to the Universal Laws scientifically proven to govern Creation.

Creative Force

Creative Energies
Extreme Writer ~ Publicist ~ Original Reality Rhymes Performance Art Wordsmith/Word Artist/Spoken Word Artist/Lyricist

Radio/TV/Film: Script Writer/Video & Audio Production-Edit/Editor/On-Air or On-Camera Personality/Marketing & Advertising Sales Copy & Copy editing

Graphic Artist/Charcoals/Water Colors/Oil Pastels/Pencils/Stained Glass/48 Credits Media Arts & Animation

Custom Brain Wash by Kimba Listic - Certified Clinical Hypnytherapist
Quantum Touch
Certified Mental Warrior Trainer ~ Mental Martial Arts Black Belt On-Air Radio Show Personality

A Three Volume Series of Literary/Poetic Works of WordArt Created and Performed by Kimba Listic

Reality Rhymes…Rhymes You Can Relate To on One Vol. I, Second Issue
Reality Rhymes…Rhymes You Can Relate Too, Two, Vol. II
Reality Rhymes…Rhymes You Can Relate Too Trey, Vol. III

Monthly Contributor – Nails Magazine, Easy Reader, Blackjack Monthly, Las Vegas Weekly, Racing Form

Freelance – Desktop Publishing & Creative Collaboration on numerous Screenplays/Manuscripts/Novels

Appearances & Awards
UPN Special - Singer & Songwriters Showcase – Featured Artist
The Boston – Twice Weekly Performances for 7 months
First Fridays – Provide MC/Hosting for LV Art Community
Palace Station – Occasional Guest Appearances
Artist of the Year – City of Manhattan Beach
Four Regional Billiard Titles

Corporate Experience
Concert & Large Media Event Manager
Marketing Director
Advertising Manager
IT Director

Artistic Instruction
AIU – Graphic Arts
Institute of Children’s Literature – Completed 2 year Independent Study
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Past Outlets
Annual Participant - Manhattan Beach Old Home Town Fair
CaliforniaWash – Tie Dye Clothing
Key Up – Desktop Publishing Services
Coin-Op Op – Own & Operate Billiard/Dart Supply Store & Placement/Management of Coin-Op Amusement

Outside Looking In...

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right
Zane Hanson, Artistic Guitarist Merced, CA

"Every 10 or 20 years, the voice of a society itself surfaces out of the darkness of the underground scene. ...You wonder to yourself why everything you've ever heard up until now has led up to this one ultimate experience. More than anything else is an artistic integrity that shines through every word you hear. Welcome into the dimension that is Kimba Listic..."

Kevin Smith, Author, Combat Martial Sciences Los Angeles, CA

"Serving up a healthy dose of inspiration with a side of hell bent perspective, you surrender deep into her trance while she takes you along for the joy ride of your life."

Michael "Eppy" Epstein Rosalyn, VA

In over 30+ years in the entertainment industry, an artist's innate gift's have never been more destined for success than the spellbinding style that is Kimba Listic!

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