2017 NBFF Offers Wealth of Education for Local Film/Journalism Students


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2017 NBFF Offers Wealth of Education for Local Film/Journalism Students

by Kimba Listic, Saddleback College, CTVR

Reviews/On-Site Photos:
Charles L. Lucious, Long Beach City College, Journalism

Warmest thanks to every participant involved in the 18th Annual 2017 Newport Beach Film Festival (NBFF) April 20 – 27 experience. Your remarkable event execution seamlessly blended the 55,000+ global attendees over 7 days into the local culture of 84,000+ allowing everyone to bask in the swank high-caliber ambience so inherent to the trendy City of Newport Beach, CA.

Newport Beach Film Festival’s Mission Statement portrayal of “enriching educational opportunities” intrigued us to “Go Deeper” (2017 NBFF Tagline.) Many fellow Southern California film/entertainment students seemed barely aware of the industry-rich educational experiences made available by the very fabric of NBFF design. But with a world-class film festival of international caliber situated right here in our own backyard, well, you didn’t have to tell us twice.

From the first theater seating to the last Q&A answer, it was evident that motivated film/journalism students attending the esteemed NBFF are being given a “golden key” towards unlocking that magical open-door connection. In an industry where it is all about who you know, this venue is prime for aspiring film/journalism students to cultivate meaningful connects with fellow creatives. On campus, several CTVR Professors remark how they are still in production with friends they met at NBFF festival many years before.

Disney Rarities

Each discussion panel features some of the most brilliant minds influencing the entertainment industry today, including Disney Rarities (2017) with:

Don Hahn - One of the most successful producers in Hollywood today, Don Hahn has produced countless Disney classics including Beauty and the Beast, which became the first animated film to receive an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. His other films include Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, The Little Matchgirl and Maleficent.

Dave Bossert - David A. Bossert is an award-winning artist, filmmaker, and author. He is a 32-year veteran of The Walt Disney Company is an independent producer and creative director. Dave is considered an authority and expert on Disney animation and history. He co-authored Disney Animated, which was named iPad App of 2013 by Apple and won a prestigious British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award. Dave is also the author of the books: Remembering Roy E. Disney: Memories and Photos of a Storied Life; An Animator’s Gallery: Eric Goldberg Draws the Disney Characters; and Dali and Disney: Destino. His newest books are: The Art of Tennessee Loveless: The Mickey Mouse TEN x TEN x TEN Contemporary Pop Art Series and Finding Oswald: The Search for the Lost Disney Cartoons. Learn more at www.davidbossert.com


A Tale Met with Success

Her first directorial debut, Heart, Baby!, by Angela Shelton, is artfully written in real-world truths, directed with calculated precision, and beautifully produced. Moreover, Angela, herself has a great deal of heart and she brings it following the first screening of her film. Below, Angela presents George Lee Martin with an actual Olympic Gold Medal - just as if he had appeared in person, competed, and won at the Olympics in 1984.

Optioned for Distribution by North of Two just ahead of its World Premiere at NBFF, Angela’s completed product resides as a brilliant example of how investing heavily into extensive pre-production methodologies transforms into maximum box-office value. Above all others, it was the raw truthfulness apparent in Ms. Shelton’s work that attracted me to interview her.

Angela Shelton, Heart, Baby! Meets Kimba Listic

Angela Shelton, (left) awards George Lee Martin (right) his 1984 Olympic Gold Medal, with childhood friend, Chris "Doc"(middle).  Photo, Kimba Listic

KL:      On the surface, your career appears to have met up easily with success. Is this the case? True or False?

AS:      False. Often what seems so simple, in this industry, turns out to be a process.

KL:      What process do you use to keep yourself together functioning as Writer/Director/Producer?

AS:      Lists, Lists, Lists. Lots of Lists.

KL:      How did the story, Heart, Baby! come about?

AS:      I had met Chris, Doc, in the course of my life and he kept telling me these prison stories. After sharing this “fighter” story with me I stood up and shouted, “That’s a movie!”

KL:      I understand you thought your lead character, the original “George Lee Martin,” had passed away?

AS:     Yes, and it wasn’t until we went to get the Death Certificate to qualify him for the roll that we found out he was alive and well – living not 30 minutes from his lifelong friend, Chris.

KL:     The fight scenes seemed to have a symmetry to them I do not recall having viewed before. Can you please share how you captured a sort of "flow" that lifts you up into the momentum of the scene to ride along with it?

AS:     Before any scene is shot, we spend an enormous amount of time setting each one of them up on small tiny "toy" sets. Then we run over the scene way to many times to calculate the exact precision of movements we want to have appear on the screen.   

KL:     Several scenes displayed nuances such as the eyebrow raise in  "First Kiss" and George's concern for his opponents which exposed true depth of character. Are these items you wrote into the script?

AS:     No, that was just great acting on the part of the cast.

KL:     Thank you for taking your time, Angela, to share your creative insights with myself and my readers. I just have one question left for now and that is...  What do you believe a story should tell?

AS:     The Truth.

The true-story feature picture stars The Wire‘s Gbenga Akinnagbe,  (right, who brings the heart to Heart, Baby!), as George Lee Martin, (one of the nicest people I’ve ever met), who at the age of 18 received a 40-year sentence for robbery. He became known as an unbeatable prison boxer with the support of his best friend/cornerman, Doc (Jackson Rathbone, Twilight Saga, Pt 2,) (left, can still feel his heartache in mine), and his transgender female cellmate Crystal (Shawn-Caulin Young) who gives us an absolute masterful performance. Brava! Martin eventually turned down a chance at freedom by refusing an offer to fight for Team USA in the 1984 Olympics so he could stay with Crystal.

Congratulations, Heart, Baby! on your being awarded NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVALS 2017 FESTIVAL HONORS: OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN FILMMAKING: ENSEMBLE CAST – Heart, Baby – Gbenga Akinnagbe, Jackson Rathbone, Shawn-Caulin Young, Keir O’Donnell, Justice Leak, Shaun Brown, Ritchie Montgomery, Dana Gourrier, Quinton Aaron, Jamie Kennedy, Michael Badalucco, Abraham Benrubi , Big Freedia, Marcus Lyle Brown, Jay Huguley, Ann Cusack , Rick Shapiro , Gary Grubbs , Kerry Cahill, Tom Proctor.  Much of the cast contribute their success in Heart, Baby! to one simple ethic: Working with Angela there is never a question. Everybody is kept on the same page so each of us always knows what we are doing. Great Film, Angela! Kimba Listic

Maddie Hasson

(Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images for Extra)

Maddie Hasson and Billy Burke command powerful performances in Good After Bad (2016) written and directed by Anne Marie-Hess, keeping a high-tension living-arrangement to a minimum. Burke’s character, a little eccentric and out-of-his-comfort zone with Hasson’s rebel-yell defiance with splashes of genuine humility are spot on relatable. It was refreshing to experience characters and a screenplay willing to show the importance of remaining true to yourself regardless of appearances. This movie was highly entertaining and worth a second watch. Kimba Listic

Good After Bad (2016)  - Great to see a film that shows the kinder side of men. Charles L. Lucious

Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution (2017)   by Charles L. Lucious

The documentary, Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution (2017), written and directed by Benjamin Nolot, focuses on the negative environment stemming from today’s wild spring break culture. Liberated’s “in-crowd” access exposes the harsh realities about the generations mindsets fueling the sex-crazed insurgency.  Ordered to edit the true vulgarity of the matter from the movie - Cut Scene: A young woman is raped by 6 young men while people two (2) feet away do nothing. They take no action to help. True dimensional impact is not achieved having to leave this story section, along with its footage, on the floor.

Instead, it focuses on a select few individuals who are only out to make the most of the negative spring break culture - take it for all they can get. There is a sexual revolution taking place between casual sex and love. This generation does not want to experience the pains of love but they still want the satisfaction of sex and intimacy. So, the younger generation has put aside the rituals of courting and the tradition of marriage.

The film highlighted the very casual sex culture present in today's youth, and brought to light how the next generation perceives their values as what is expected of them. The casual sex culture is so infused in hip hop and college campuses that our highest institutions of education are now helping to define our cultural values.

Women blame the men and "the powers that be" for this sexual revolution taking place. In reality, they are the ones in the lead, headed towards this sexually open and liberated society. Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution (2017) touched on how women are becoming more open to seeking out casual sex with men, much like men have long sought casual sex with women. That, is the sexual revolution this generation of women are liberating for themselves since once they relent and begin freely engaging in random sex, they are most certainly helping to forge which direction the path leads.

Even More Fantastic Educational Value!

Access to screenings and direct Q & A with cast and crew establishes easy access to a wide array of accomplished filmmakers/screenwriters/composers while internship/volunteer training in features programming, marketing, public relations, publishing, artist and special guest management, event marketing and management training are entirely hands-on interactive.

Further, student’s films from neighboring colleges: CSU, Fullerton; CSU, Long Beach; Chapman University; Orange Coast College; Saddleback College; University of California, Irvine; and University of Southern California are accepted through the Collegiate Showcase. Providing up-and-coming college artists their first venue for film viewing, the Newport Beach Film Festival begins submissions for 2018 on August 12, 2017.

A special thank you to the fantastic NBFF volunteer for seating me in Berlin Metanoia (2016) in Art of a Different Short screening. Written by Marleen Lohse (Lead Actress), Folke Renken, and Eric Schmitt (Director), this humorous sub-title short out of Berlin is a rollercoaster ride of inter-twined sub-plots culminating in a surreal moment between a break-loose bear and young lady suffering a chaotic day. Memorable. Gratitude to this shorty for stilling the pace, returning a quiet calm back to center. Kimba Listic

Thinking to catch the tail end of the tale, Don’t Tell, turns out I was in, Terry Parish & Chris Karcher's, I’ll Push You! Realizing the error, I resolved to leave. Only I could not. Somehow I had already become glued to my seat - unable to move - a captive for the journey and grateful for making the mistakenection. GREAT job!  Kimba Listic


Witnessing the demands society places on people to appear picture perfect, Joan Kron, takes the gloves off at 89, with her directorial debut,  Take My Nose, Please!  As Contributing Editor to Allure Magazine for 25 years, Joan chooses to pull all the skeletons out of the closet and call it the way she sees it. Encouraging people from all walks of life to get over themselves and realize you’re beautiful as you are. Also, to stress that no amount of plastic surgery pain and downtime are worth altering your appearance under the knife. Emily Askin, Lead Actress, appeared on the red carpet to discuss years of battling with having her nose corrected. Kimba Listic

Mice Wars is a highly entertaining full-length animation featuring original compositions by Grammy Award-Nominated Composer, David Chesky.  Designed to give children a basis for understanding not all conflicts need to escalate to war, the Red Mice and Blue Mice featuring Celebrity Voice-Overs is sure to bring hours of entertainment fun to young children the world over. Wonderful to meet you, David! Kimba Listic

Mice Wars This animated film’s messages are needed in young minds today. Charles L. Lucious


With all this educational potential being placed on the table for students’ informative consumption, Southern California film based Universities and Colleges might consider a student 1-2/day attendance mandate encouraging increased participation in this prestigious event. Unmotivated individuals may wish to reconsider their career path choice since each filmmaker we spoke to reported relentless dedication as the major requirement spending between 4-8 eight years, 6–7 days/week, 12–22 hours/day minimum to complete their films.

Next up, L.A. Film Festival, June 14- 22, 2017, with all it offers by way of hands-on opportunities and educational access.  





Kimba Listic


ABOUT KIMBA LISTIC:  Many years as an accomplished writer and storyteller for the likes of Forbes, The Metropolous Brothers (Pabst), My Father’s Place (Rosalyn, VA), performance and media  artist, Kimba Listic, remains on the cutting edge of the entertainment game. A 2nd year, full-time, CTVR student at Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA, Kimba Listic is the 2016 CTVR Angels for the Arts Awards Recipient, airs on OCROCKRADIO.com and enjoys the educational value packed into the ambiance of California’s film festivals.

ABOUT CHARLES L. LUCIOUS: A first-year journalism student at Long Beach City College, Charles L. Lucious, is focused on photographic professionalism and reporting tactics aimed at revealing the “real” stories taking place behind the scenes. A true film aficionado and critic, Charles L. Lucious, offers alternative takes on typical views.