Everything is Sound!

Graphic AnalyzerIn the beginning, there may or may not have been the Word, but there truly was sound.  It is sound that turns energy and matter into form.  Every organ in our body resonates to a certain frequency.  When the thoughts and emotions and stresses along with the vibrations caused by these actions serve to knock our bodies out of alignment, there should be no wonder why illness befalls people. It is simply due to the vibrational state of their body being out of tune.

So, yes, EVERYTIME you think and feel, you are resonating a frequency which is making the energy around you resonate to the same frequency.  Even science notables can be quoted as having said, “Everything is energy.  That’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics.” ~ Albert Einstein

When we have a thought or are engaged in thinking, it is not just a wave that we are sending out that resonates with energy.  No, what we are actually doing is that we are sending out a sound that is beyond the range of human hearing.  Much the way a dog is able to hear the frequency of a dog whistle that we cannot audibly decrypt, just because as humans we are not able to hear the sound it makes does not  mean it does not exist.

Now there are gamma rays, xrays, alpha and beta waves, but it is the sound waves that rule them all!  When we think, a sound goes out, it resonates the energy around us to that sound and resonates the particles in tune with the sound.

Much like the waves we enjoy at the beach, there are categories of waves relative to physics as well.  In the case of sound waves there are different types categorized as  mechanical, longitudinal, or a pressure wave.  And while there may be reflection, refraction and diffraction of a wave during the course of its path, what I find of particular interest is how a wave moves from one medium to another.

Once an incident wave has reached the end of a medium, part of the energy is transferred to the medium that is immediately next to it as a transmitted wave and part is reflected backward  in the form of a reflected wave.

The energy transferred depends on the difference between the mediums. If there is a significant difference, almost all the energy will be reflected. If the mediums are similar, most of the energy will be transferred. However, the reflected waves will be inverted if the medium that comes next is more dense or it won’t be inverted if the medium is less dense.

If our thoughts are sound waves, then how are they not effecting the person you are delivering them to as well as being returned, albeit in some instances in a lessor form, back unto you.  Stay mindful of what you say and, in particular, about what you are willing to hear or listen to since what you give out is what you create.