Finding What Makes You Happy

istock son and fatherFinding what makes you happy is something that most people do not even feel they have enough time to consider during the course of their busy lives.  I find this course of thinking difficult to follow since our main purpose for living these lives is to be happy and enjoy life.  Let’s consider a few things that people have managed to find pleasure in…

Often, people find living life together with their family and loved ones is all they need to make them happy.  The joy of playing with their children, taking care of their parents in return for all they did for them, or being romantically involved with another person are all ways to spend time which can enhance life for the better.

Doing a good job at work or achieving recognition for good deeds or excelling through involvement in sports is a driving force in many people’s lives in their effort to seek happiness.   Unfortunately, this type of living can begin to consume a person’s existence to the point that their whole experience is derived of striving to perform only to achieve someone else’s level of standards.  Doing your best and having fun while you are doing it will let you enjoy more minutes throughout each day, making you happier in the long run.

If you are at a complete loss about how to find some joy in life then perhaps it is time to consider looking into adopting a hobby.  Hobbies can provide hours of fun, are rewarding, and sometimes turn into a career for people who can unwittingly find their niche in life.  Engaging in activities that are well suited to your strengths can produce surprising results in many arenas such as social networking, career opportunities, reaching fitness goals, and even healing emotional scars you once thought would never leave you.  When you busy your mind with alternative thoughts, you mind has a chance to redirect your brains functions towards a healthier overall lifestyle.

Few people have the luxury of answering you that what makes them happy is their work.  But, believe it or not, that is how you are supposed to be spending your life.  I hear people complaining that life is a grind, a strain, a challenge, to which I reply, “Life is a beach…or at least it’s supposed to be.”   Taking the time out of your hectic life to even begin determining what it is you enjoy doing could put you on the right track to experiencing life with pleasure instead of dread.

In Mental Warrior Training we practice the principles that all of life is an experience, nothing is wasted in claiming a bad experience or a horrible event since something can be learned from anything you go through in life.  By this same token, if there is something you find that is of interest to you, do not limit yourself by thinking, “Oh, I could never do that,” or “I don’t have the skills to apply for that type of job.”  Instead, find out what type of skills you would need to have to enter into the field you want to and then seeking the education you need to acquire the knowledge that will enable you to enjoy your life through your work.