How do you Determine Early in a Relationship if There is a Great Chance for Success

iStock_000001042079XSmallWhen a couple comes together, a primary concern becomes whether or not the two of you are perfectly suited for success or doomed for failure.  While there may not be a proverbial crystal ball in existence capable of determining the outcome of your relationship, there are some considerations you can contemplate which can paint a decent enough picture of how things may turn out for you and your new partner.

No one can deny that it takes the mutual effort on the part of both people involved to make a relationship work.  Beginning with the most primary essential element of any successful relationship, you will find communication as a key factor in defining the potential for a successful outcome.

If you feel the need to conceal information from your partner then this person may not be the best choice or you.  Relationships work best when both parties are willing to communicate openly with each other about any matter that arises.

No one person is better than another is and it is important that you view each other as the equal beings that you are.  What I am talking about here is mutual respect.  What it means is that you do not consider yourself superior and that you are proud to be seen together no matter whom you run into or what event you attend together.

If loyalty is important to one person and the other person has no regard for this characteristic trait, you can rest assured this is not a good basis on which to build a solid relationship.

Trust is another important aspect of consideration to take into account since if it is not there, then logic would dictate the relationship is not going to work.  People can claim that trust can be built over time and by proving yourself through your actions, but truth be told, if you find yourself snooping in your partners wallet or purse, cell phone or email account, something is not right and it would be best to put an end to it before it begins.

On what may seem like a more obscure note, being of “like mind” can contribute greatly to the attainment of a relationship that will last the test of time.  For example, if one partner likes to go camping and the other not only prefers 4-Star resorts, while they may be able to make concessions in the beginning, eventually this type of difference could be enough to bring the relationship to an end.

If you meet someone and find they are the person you wish to spend your time with doing the things you love to do, teamwork is in practice, and both parties are considerate, caring, and respectful of each other, you may have the makings of a successful relationship.

Knowing what you want and not settling for less is a good credo to live by also.  If you consider there are literally billions of people living on this planet, is it not possible there could be another being more in line with the qualities you are seeking?

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How do you Determine Early in a Relationship if There is a Great Chance for Success