How to Change Your Life

change your lifeEven if you believe you are happy in your current state of existence, it can still be helpful to know how to change your life in the event something arises that you would prefer not to have in your life.  Alternatively, you may find yourself trapped in what seems to be an endless loop of conditions you do not find favorable and wish you knew how to change your life effectively without all the usual struggle you normally encounter.

If you are seeking to change a bad habit, you can start by recognizing bad habit patterns.  For instance, some people cannot seem to let go of detrimental relationships.  Just being around a particular person can trigger an uncontrollable desire to partake in harmful activities.  If you hear yourself saying phrases such as, “I only drink when I am with you,” or, “When I am with you I seem to lose all sense of my priorities,” then it is high time to eliminate this person from your life.  While letting go of a “friend” can be a difficult pill to swallow, not everyone is appropriate to journey along with you on your path of change.

To others, they may crave to taste control over their eating habits.  Their desire to consume too much food seems to overtake their sense of logic as a reaction to emotional stress.  Recognizing what triggers you to act the way you do at that moment of trauma can help you begin to curb the bad habit.  In this case, substitutions can be made with yourself, “The next time they make me feel bad about myself I am going to grab a bottle of water and drink it all until it’s all gone.  I’ll show that water who is boss.”  Something so simple can have you regaining control over yourself while being fun and playful.

Perhaps you are not happy with your job.  In this case, you can begin by asking yourself what it is that makes you happy.  For instance, I love to watch cartoons.  By my own choosing I also experience a portion of my life as a storyteller simply because it is what I enjoy doing.  When I first identified these two expressions as things I enjoyed doing, I had to laugh aloud since it was not obvious to me there would be anyway for me to turn these activities into a solid form of employment.

However, by identifying these two things as pastimes that bring me pleasure, I knew I would be happier, in life in general, if my work could somehow involve these things.   I was able to then discover that I could achieve a Bachelors in Media Arts and Animation to gain the necessary skill set to work in the field.  You see, identifying what you may rather do for a career offers you the chance to then seek training to develop the skills necessary to transition yourself into your new chosen profession.

Following a proven formula is the easiest way to manifest change, next to having a mentor who is an expert in their field to guide you on your journey.  As Mental Warriors, we are trained to approach desired changes by first creating a Mission Statement and then pattern a proven formula that is individually tailor-made to suit your specific needs and desires.

Using this type of agenda to achieve results will manifest real change that becomes a way of life for you, naturally.  Trying to integrate material that is created for the masses, as if we were each the same, is not nearly as effective as the guidance you will find when you register for your free Mental Warrior Training at