How to Handle Fear

denialHow to handle fear can be addressed from a variety of viewpoints.  However, all of the resolutions begin with identifying exactly what type of fear you have to see whether you can manage your fear on your own or if you need to seek the help of a professional.  Understanding that fear is merely an emotion that is triggered as a warning to advise us to evade an undesirable situation can sometimes help a person to overcome the fear.  Simply by recognizing the fear for what it is can sometimes be all that is required to move past the fear.

Some people suffer from mild, external fears based on a past traumatic experience such as a snake may have scared them in the field near their home when they were young.  From that moment on it is difficult for them to walk freely in a field.  But, if you are able to alter your viewpoint to see that the original experience can serve as a warning for you to be more careful the next time a similar situation arises then the fear will have served its true purpose.

Still, some peoples mild external fears progress into a more severe phobia type of fear such as being deathly afraid of heights or leaving the house, etc.  Phobias occur when a fear grows from a mild tension into a major factor that controls the person’s everyday mindset.  Shut-ins are becoming more and more prevalent since people are becoming paralyzed prisoners in their own home.  It is fair to say that if your fears have reached this height then they are of the “phobia” type and it is important for you to seek professional help to overcome your fears before they take full control over your life.

Internal fears are fears that may have been triggered by events but that are not exclusive to any particular circumstance.  Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection are all prime examples of an internal fear that can be huge obstacles for people to overcome since they spread like wildfire into every corner of a person’s life.

Internal fears are NOT who you are, they also do not exist – meaning there is no foundation on which to base these fears.  Saying to yourself, “I don’t want to apply for the job because I probably won’t get it,” is nothing more than a self-defeating thought your mind has created in an attempt to protect you from rejection.  Next time this type of fear rears its ugly head, try this phrase instead, “If I don’t at least apply for the job I am sure not to get it.  If I do apply for the job I have just as much chance as anyone else of getting it since I am qualified for the position.”

I consider subconscious fears to be the most dangerous types of fears since they form into limiting beliefs that can cripple our progress.  In Mental Warrior Training, we focus on clearing away limiting beliefs and help you move into the mindset of doable actions that you truly believe you are able to achieve.  If you suffer from limiting beliefs then you owe it to yourself to look into the free Mental Warrior Training available at

Before you say no to the free Mental Warrior Training being offered to you, ask yourself one question, “What types of fears or limiting beliefs are holding you back from living the life of your dreams?”  If you had even one answer to this question then you owe it to yourself to see what Mental Warrior Training has to offer you.

How to Handle Fear