How to Increase Productivity

BusinessHow to increase your productivity requires consideration above and beyond just trying to accomplish more than you normally do in the same amount of time as it would usually take you.  What it involves is taking stock of who you are and includes a critical analysis of your strengths and weaknesses so you can begin using them to increase your productivity.

For instance, you may have a keen reputation in Sales circles as the man who can open all the doors.  It is uncanny how you can get people to speak with you where others may have repeatedly failed.  Nevertheless, getting people to trust you and open up to you about their true needs does not constitute the entire process required to seal the deal.

In a sales capacity, as an example, your productivity is more than likely based on the number of closes you can effectively deliver, not about how many doors you can open.  Through evaluating your strengths and assets by listing them in two columns on a piece of paper, you can then take action to develop skills in which you may be lacking.  Another alternative may be to approach working together with another person who excels in closing, but lacks the ability to open, which can get things rolling in the right direction for both of you.

Armed with additional detailed information about yourself, defining your goals is the next step you can take towards increasing your productivity.  Knowing where you are headed before you launch action can save you from wasting countless hours if you were to continue plodding along with no goal in sight.

Eliminating distractions is one of the most productive steps you can take towards getting a handle on increasing your productivity.  You can prove this to yourself the next time you sit down to tackle a project by counting the number of distractions you encounter as you are trying to accomplish something.

Between the barrages of information incoming on our cell phones, the urgent-reply-needed emails, chatty co-workers, last minute changes, and the demands made by home, family, and friends, distractions can turn an eight (8) hour workday into maybe a few solid hours on task, at best.  Consider setting up a “Leave Me Be” signal of some sort that lets others know that now is not the time to interrupt you since your project requires your undivided attention.

As you may be perfectly aware, your undivided attention is not always at your disposal.  Honing your ability to focus your attention on one main item or subject and remain focused throughout will mandate your productivity to increase.  Am effective exercise you can use to increase your ability to focus your attention is to choose any object in a room and focus all of your thoughts for a full two minutes on the object.  If your attention wanders, the time starts all over.  Working this exercise gives you an immediate sense of what is required to place your attention fully onto an object or situation that requires it.

As remarked by the Creator of Mental Warrior Training, Brady Cameron, “Focus your attention on any one thing long enough and you are sure to get it.”