How to Use Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Having lost weight“Who is THAT FAT lady?”  These are the very words my daughter exclaimed at the age of nine when she saw a picture that had been taken of me at her 3rd birthday party.  She did not even recognize me!  I remember how I thought I was looking so sharp in my dress suit, but the reality was I was tipping the scale at 265 pounds.

My career position back then had me interacting with the public on a daily basis.  Once confronted with the reality of my physical appearance, I knew this was not the image of myself I wanted to project.  In an effort to do something about it, I began asking everyone I met if they would play racquetball with me.

I was introduced to a partner to play and I shared with him how I wanted to get my body in shape since I did not realize I had let it get so far out of hand.  Once the level of commitment to my fitness became obvious to him, he was kind enough to reveal that he was a world-renown Clinical Hypnotherapist and offered me a hypnotherapy session to help with my weight  I had to ask, “A who-be whatie?”

He explained the concept of hypnotherapy, and how in self-hypnosis, you act as the hypnotherapist.  In general, hypnotherapy takes advantage of the scientific fact that your mind truly does not know the difference between what is actual and what is perceived and that there are two ways to access your subconscious mind to invoke change; emotions and deep relaxation.

The first key ingredient is to prepare your mind to receive the forthcoming suggestions.  Taking a shower may help calm you.  Do not self-hypnotize until one hour after eating.  State your goals about why you want to get into trance and what you want to change.  Eliminate all distractions – no cell phones, etc.  The room must be dark and finally, remain positive and believe the technique will have an impact.

The second key ingredient to losing weight with self-hypnosis is to achieve a state of trance.  Trance is nothing more than a deep state of relaxation.  Remember that taking full, deep breaths aids your mind to relax.  Take 3 deep cleansing breaths and as you breathe out the last one, close your eyes.  Count slowly backwards from 10 to 1, inhaling and exhaling deeply with each breath.  Now open your eyes, without blinking, choose a spot, stare as long as you can, take in a deep breath, and then close your eyes again on the exhale.  Begin with your feet and mentally spend a minute or two on each part of your body imagining the muscles relaxing and the tension releasing all the way up to the top of your head.  Take care to include the facial muscles as well.

Thirdly, you need to either create a mental story by yourself or you may obtain free self-hypnosis scripts from the internet.  These scripts are merely stories that contain suggestions in the form of mental experiences to reprogram your mind in order to change something about yourself.  They may have you walking along the beach or in a forest, or even slaying the mighty dragon, whose name is Snack.  Ultimately, good weight suggestions will include phrases such as, “Picture yourself how you will look when you have achieved your goal weight.  What are you wearing? How do you look and feel about yourself.”  Then you are to create mental images about how you would look and feel if you do not achieve your goal.   Now you switch by performing an out-with-the-bad, in-with-the-good between the two pictures so you are essentially replacing the tired old worn out picture you carry around mentally of yourself with the new, vibrant, energetic, and slimmer you mental picture.

The results were nothing short of extraordinary for me using this technique of replacing my self-perceived mental picture since I lost the first 65 pounds almost effortlessly.  How?  Well, I was now working together with my mind to build my body to suit the new picture it had formed about what I looked like if I had already achieved my goal weight.

I also became a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist so I could begin to help others, especially since using self-hypnosis to lose weight is safe, effective, and fun!  When you observe yourself making better food choices without the familiar struggle, you will know it is your mind driving you in the direction you need to be headed so your body can resemble the image your mind now believes is how you already appear.