Why Forgiveness is Important

iStock_000003652882XSmallExactly why is forgiveness so important?  Well, a main reason is due to the simple fact that if you remain living in the past you will never find your future.  Forgiveness is a release that once performed will allow you to move forward.

Many people refuse to let go of a traumatic experience that occurred, a situation in which they came to be mistreated, or how they may have caused harmed towards another person.  Many people live as prisoners of their past which causes them to literally become frozen in time.  The continuous complaining about the situation causes stagnation that can cripple them for the rest of their lives, unless they learn how to forgive.

We can never admit to being truly happy unless we are able to forgive others and ourselves.  Nobody…I repeat, NOBODY is perfect.  We all make mistakes!  Accepting this little fact can make all the difference in the world.

How can we ever hope to be happy in life if all we do is harbor anger and resentment in our hearts?  Guilt is a highly destructive force that can cause irrational behavior, poor choices and deep seeded resentment.  Keep in mind that your lack of forgiveness only serves to hurt you and rarely brings any harm to the person who needs to be forgiven.  While the other party may bare a small brunt of remorse for their deeds, it is a small price paid in comparison to the detrimental effects that harboring bitternesstakes on your spiritual welfare.

Acting inconsiderate or neglecting to handle our affairs should cause us some level of concern.  The reason for this is that these are things that not only can be avoided, but they are also things that we can tackle easily enough before they grow into major anxieties.   Step up and apologize for any inconsiderate actions or tackle your affairs head on with a meeting or phone call to discuss possible solutions.

Acting in the manner described above may surprise you with the relief you experience from not having to dwell on what you have done or for things you have not taken care of.  How many times have you told someone, or been told, “All you had to do was come to me and discuss this so we could work it out”?

A few of the more direct benefits you can receive from expressing forgiveness is amplified levels happiness, stress relief, improved health, along with increased mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Of course, there may be some fouls committed upon us that are simply too horrific or significant to let go of.  In these instances, I suggest learning the adage that has been very effective for me…and that is to learn to forgive, but do not forget.  Instead, it is more vital we learn from the choices that we may have made that left us vulnerable to another’s attack.  It is not necessary to condone, accept or approve what occurred, but it is imperative that we learn forgiveness in order to set ourselves free!